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21 Prenatal and Postnatal Classes in English in Madrid

21 Prenatal and Postnatal Classes in English in Madrid

Prenatal and Postnatal Classes in English in Madrid


There are some excellent prenatal and postnatal classes in English to help you prepare for birth in Madrid, as well as prenatal and postnatal pilates & yoga classes to help you stay strong and healthy. Breastfeeding support, first aid courses and baby massage classes will give you some level of comfort and peace of mind before you give birth, and support afterwards.


International Women´s Health Center 

The International Women´s Health Center have a few classes that come highly recommended. Obstetrics is one of their main areas, and they can assist you during your pregnancy, during childbirth and afterwards.


Birth Preparation Class

The midwives offer a course of four classes in the third trimester of your pregnancy:

  • Preparing for a healthy birth
  • The birth process
  • Tips for partners
  • After childbirth


The third class will be held in the labor room of the hospital so that you can see a delivery room up close and personal.


Lactation Group / Breastfeeding Support

Enquire about their breastfeeding support. The midwives are all certified lactation consultants and also make home visits after labor and offer lactation consultations.


Pregnancy Pilates

A weekly class for pregnant women from the 12th weeks until the very end of your pregnancy.

Pilates is an excellent way to keep your body in shape and to stay fit for the upcoming labor and birth!


Pregnancy Yoga

A weekly class is for pregnant women from the 12th week of gestation until they go into labor, which focuses on stretching, toning muscles, breathing techniques and relaxation.


Postnatal Exercises

The class is designed to get you back in shape, keeping the focus on improving the pelvic floor after labor, starting four to six weeks after childbirth.


Postnatal Yoga

A weekly class that´s designed for women who have just had a baby. The focus is on stretching, toning muscles and relaxation and it´s recommended to start six weeks after childbirth.


Postnatal Pilates

A weekly class for women three to four months after giving birth. It´s ideal for getting your body back in shape after the birth.


Contact Details:

International Women’s Health Center Madrid
C/ Serrano, 98
28006 Madrid

More details: https://scoopmadrid.es/listing/international-womens-health-center-madrid

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All classes are with English speaking Physiotherapist Maria Moreno, who is trained in Women’s Health, Pilates (pregnancy & postnatal) and Hypopressive therapy.


Hypopressive Classes

Hypopressive therapy is highly recommended during the postnatal period.

We offer group classes ( maximum 5 people per class), one-to-one sessions and duet sessions.


Pregnancy Pilates

Maxifisio offers pregnancy pilates classes with group classes ( maximum 5 people per class), one-to-one sessions and duet sessions.


Postnatal Pilates

They offer postnatal pilates classes for groups,  individual classes and duet sessions.


Contact Details:

More details: https://scoopmadrid.es/listing/maxifisio-yoga-pilates-physiotherapist-in-madrid

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Eliza Coolsma


Pregnancy / Prenatal Yoga Classes

Stay strong and supple during your pregnancy with Eliza Coolsma´s pregnancy yoga classes. Studies say that practising yoga during pregnancy can help you sleep better, reduce stress and improve the strength of the muscles you´ll need during the birth.


Mama & Baby Yoga

Mama and Baby Yoga is a fantastic way to bond with your baby. If you were taking yoga classes beforehand, it´s an effective way to ease back into your own yoga routine. Becoming a parent can be stressful and yoga can be a positive experience for your own emotional health and you can meet other new mums.

There are many benefits for baby too. The movements can aid digestion and help to calm your baby. It can help your baby sleep better and keep them happy through the calming soothing motions.


Baby Massage

Ayurvedic baby massage has been practiced in India for centuries. It can help to activate key bonding hormones between mother and baby, creates healthy skin, aids your baby´s sleep patterns, strengthens the baby´s immune system, increases the circulation of the blood and lymphatic system and can help to drain toxins from the babies system.


Contact Details: 

Visit her website at https://www.elizacoolsma.com/ to see the class timetable or to make enquiries. Don´t forget to tell her you found her on Scoop Madrid.


Bel and Mums


Bel and Mums offer a wide range of classes and courses for before and after the birth of your baby.


During Pregnancy

Areas they cover include: creating your birth plan, solutions for discomfort during pregnancy and choosing the right hospital to give birth.


Antenatal Courses

Learn the most updated techniques and get useful information so you can be prepared for childbirth, recovery and caring for your new baby.


Hypnobirthing Course

If you are planning a natural birth (without epidural), hypnobirthing may help you. It´s an effective technique used in preparation for natural labour that focuses on managing pain and anxiety during childbirth.


Postnatal Course for Cesarean Sections

We prepare you for your cesarean section, and for the type of care you and your baby will need after the birth.


Breastfeeding Classes

We will help you to align expectations and avoid complications that often lead to a bad experience.


Breastfeeding Support Sessions

If you are already breastfeeding your baby and are facing any problem or you simply want to feel more supported, our midwife is here to help.


Postnatal Home Visits

The first few weeks after your labour is the time when you need plenty of support to make sure that all is going well with you and your new baby. Our midwives will visit you regularly to look after you, to check your stitches, take your blood pressure etc. And to check your baby´s weight, check the umbilical cord, feeding etc.

You will also be provided with our midwife’s contact number for any queries you may have.


First Aid Course for Babies and Children

A first aid course where you will practice with the baby and child mannequins under direct supervision.

The instructor is a Certified Pediatric Nurse and Midwife with a wide experience on this field.


Contact Details:

More details: https://scoopmadrid.es/listing/bel-and-mums-prenatal-and-postnatal-classes

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