Yoga is my primary form of exercise, my path to mental and emotional clarity, and my connection to the divine both within and outside of me. It is truly a practice of body, mind, and deep spirit. I believe that our bodies are meant to move – in every way possible – and that movement is medicine.

Although yoga is an ancient discipline with many more facets than asana, my strength as a teacher is the physical. I believe that the body is the vessel for the soul, and in order to keep that vessel healthy we have to move in a way that is both conscious and rigorous. To that end, in addition to yoga asana, I incorporate other movement disciplines and modern anatomy and physical therapy principles into my work.

With my private clients, everything is completely adjusted to the needs of the individual body and human. For some people, that means we work in a chair, or supported by lots of props and adjustments. For others, that means challenging work on inversions or other advanced postures. My group classes are rigorous, intelligent, and breath-based. With a careful combination of sweaty vinyasa flow and technical moments to focus on alignment and nuance, I offer students the space to learn intellectually and experience viscerally.



All classes are all levels vinyasa, some in English and some in Spanish. Classes are capped at 12 people, we have mats and all materials provided. There is a bathroom and changing room, as well as mat storage available.

We encourage students to commit to a monthly series of classes, but drop-ins are also welcome. If you would like to join a class for the first time as a drop-in, please call or message me via whatsapp at +34 695 608 622 to reserve your spot.



I am available for private or semi-private (2 people) sessions in Madrid, Spain. I can travel to your home, or we can meet at my studio in Malasaña, Pura Vida Pilates & Yoga.

Working with people one-on-one is really my passion and specialty! In addition to my vinyasa certifications, I also trained to teach therapeutic privates using the Katonah Yoga method. This work involves lots of props (think chairs, blocks, blankets, straps) and hands-on adjustments. It is suitable both for beginners and advanced students.

Private yoga sessions are tailored to your specific needs and goals:

– Support to help you begin a yoga practice. Learn common poses, safe alignment, and tools to help you practice on your own.

– Rehabilitation following an injury or illness. Learn safe modifications for any level. Regain mobility and confidence.

– If you are already a yoga practitioner, I can help you deepen and advance your practice. Learn the techniques for more advances poses.



I am available for corporate bookings throughout the city of Madrid. I have worked with companies such as Gap and Etsy in New York City and love seeing the impact yoga can have on professionals. Having worked in the corporate fashion world for many years myself, I understand the unique challenges for office workers.

Give your employees an hour to move their bodies and recharge their brains! They will pay you back with renewed energy and productivity!

Contact me for prices and packages.


C/ San Vicente Ferrer 44 (entrance around the corner at C/ Santa Lucia 10