English Theatre in Madrid


The Madrid Players is an amateur English‑language theatre group based in Madrid, founded over fifty years ago. We are actors, singers, dancers, producers, writers, musicians and thespians from all over the world.

Become a Member. The contact form is on the website. 


We are a very diverse group with members from all over the world. The stage isn’t quite your thing? No problem! There are tons of other ways to get involved…


With several shows a year culminating with our annual Christmas Pantomime, we’re always in need of actors, singers, dancers, musicians… no matter your talent, we have a place for you.


Of course the show wouldn’t go on without our fabulous production crew! Among our members we also have writers, directors, producers, costume designers, hair and makeup artists, carpenters… the more the merrier!


Playreading Group
All member of the Madrid Players are welcome to join the Playreading Group, which meets usually on Mondays every other week. It’s quite informal and there’s no joining process. Just come along when you feel like it. We read plays, everything from Aristophanes to Chaucer to Pinter, from monologues to items with a dozen or more parts, sometimes only a few minutes long, sometimes spread out over several weeks. The only qualification is that you should be able to read and speak English. You can even come along just to listen, and enjoy a glass of wine. Contact Bill Dixon on bill@billdixon.eu to find out more.




Plaza Perseo 9, 28007 Madrid, Spain