Welcome to the St George´s school community. Our school offers a British International education to children of families living in Madrid, both expatriate and local. Our curriculum takes the best of the British education system and effectively adapts it so that students develop as globally-minded, international individuals.

We pride ourselves on our school values of respect, responsibility, fairness, kindness and personal best as these underpin how we characterise ourselves as a school. Students who come to St George´s are challenged to rise to these values by a dedicated, highly qualified and largely expatriate staff. They carefully monitor every student´s progress from the earliest beginnings in our pre-nursery and early years´ section right up to our oldest A-Level graduates. This ensures an effective transition into universities all around the world, giving our students both the confidence and the academic results they need to progress. St George´s students and staff are friendly and open, and we encourage you to explore the pages of our website or come and visit us to see us in action.

St George Madrid- developing articulate life-long learners

Giles Montier


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Calle Padres Dominicos, 1 28050 Madrid