Experience, the art of living through action!

We design your ideal sport or trip!


Court, road, gym, park, sea, mountain, river, snow… Sport is all around us. A morning tennis match, a weekend hiking excursion, a Christmas ski trip, an afterwork basketball game… It doesn’t matter what we’re into, our shape or our age. We like sport and we like people… And we like them better when they’re together!

We believe exceptional experiences come from authenticity. A personal climbing challenge, a scubadiving weekend with a new love, a bowling family reunion, a wild camping adventure with friends, a park obstacle bikeride with the kids, an employee fun day out…

We handcraft your event from its raw ingredients, just like we do for ourselves. Researching, comparing and negotiating with individual providers. No prepackaged deals, no tour operators or commercial travel agencies, no conveyor belt plans.

We make you live, not look. It’s all about feeling the moment. No passive sightseeing, you can find that on documentaries. We’re here to bring you real and genuine.



Top plans for companies, non-profits, schools, public administrations, foundations, clubs, associations…

Making your people feel good is the most beautiful task. It’s about getting to know each other better, having fun, being motivated, belonging in a community.

From a staff weekend activity to a fundraising event, a school trip or a treat to your VIP. It doesn’t matter what you’re planning. If participants are happy… mission accomplished.

The map below does not show the exact location of Sporty People. Please contact them directly to ask for their location.