Visit the Madrid Zoo and Aquarium


Madrid Zoo and Aquarium is one of best places to spend the day with your family on a sunny day in Madrid. With plenty of space to walk (or run), see hundreds of different species of mammals, fish, reptiles, birds and amphibians. The parks is very well laid out and you can get up close and personal with the animals, while spending hours walking around the entire zoo.

There are 3 excellent exhibitions. The dolphins is always a favourite and it´s incredible to see their tricks. The sea lion show is not to be missed and it´s a firm favourite with the kids. The birds of prey show is another amazing exhibition.

There are several places to eat with indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Yes, the Zoo is expensive and this is a once or twice a year event but it´s a day out for all of the family and you´re guaranteed that the kids will sleep well that night!




Casa de Campo, s/n, 28011 Madrid