MAD Academy is MAD Improv’s educational arm – offering classes, workshops, team building, you name it!


GREEN course:

The basics of improv theatre with a curriculum oriented toward building skills. Exercises and games are designed to unleash your creativity and increase your ability to respond to anything on stage, and in life, with confidence. We’ll introduce tricks for spontaneity, improving focus and listening and basic improv terms. Improv games like those seen on stages around the world will help you sharpen your techniques and share your imagination with an audience. This also equips you with the fundamental knowledge for a further study of improv. OPEN TO ALL IMPROV LEVELS! ENGLISH skills at B2 level requested.


BLUE course:

Our next-level BLUE course focuses on acting for improv. Bring multi-faceted, compelling characters to life on stage and use them to drive your stories. Prerequisite: some IMPROV experience. ENGLISH skills at a B2 level or higher.



Music Improv Basics: This crash course in the fundamentals of music for improv takes you from zero to an improvised musical scene over the course of two days. We begin by breaking down fears of “having a bad voice” and adding singing to your improv toolkit. More advanced activities involve breaking down song structure, developing choreography and blending music into scenes. Prerequisite: a year of improv experience.


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