Law Translated by Lawyers


LexTranslate is a translation agency made up of a network of lawyers who combine their legal expertise with an extensive knowledge of foreign languages, acquired and which they continuously keep up-to-date through their professional activities.

We offer a high quality service, in more than twelve languages. Documents are translated exclusively by lawyers qualified in their corresponding jurisdictions, who translate into their respective native languages.

Moreover, our translators are not simply translators, they are also legal experts, with specific knowledge of the laws and native language relevant to the document to be translated.



The service offered by LexTranslate is not simply a translation service, but rather a service which specializes in legal translations with a particular focus on the interpretation and comprehension of the contents of the legal documents, as per the laws of both the source and target countries, all in compliance with agreed deadlines and conditions.

We offer translation, editing, proofreading services, sworn translations and authentications for the following areas of law:

• Administrative Law
• Administrative Procedural Law
• Banking Law
• Civil Law
• Civil Procedural Law
• Competition Law
• Corporate and Commercial Law
• Criminal Law
• Criminal Procedural Law
• Ecclesiastical Law
• Energy Law
• Environmental Law
• European Union Law
• Family Law
• Insurance Law
• Intellectual Property Law
• Labour and Social Security Law
• Private International Law
• Public International Law
• Sport Law
• Tax Law


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