Providing Trademark and IP Services Worldwide

We are a company that specializes in providing global intellectual property services. We provide cost effective solutions for our clients’ trademark, patent, copyright and domain name dispute related needs.

Our team has extensive experience in dealing with IP matters worldwide, and will assist you with whatever IP related services you may require.

How it works

When working with iGERENT, an IP consultant will be assigned to you, through whom you will be able to request any IP services you may require in the jurisdiction of your interest. Different countries have different requirements and time frames when it comes to IP and our consultants will advise you and monitor the processes entrusted to the Attorneys that work with us, keeping you up to date with any developments. Regardless of the amount of countries in which you have services being processed, you will be able to monitor any advances through your online account or by contacting your assigned IP consultant.


About Us

In iGERENT we pride ourselves on granting all of our clients the same importance, whether they are small business owners or large corporations. However, we understand that their needs are diverse. For this reason, we have assembled a team of professionals with diverse areas of expertise and skills, who all nevertheless possess strong backgrounds in the fields of trademarks and other intellectual property matters.

With the understanding that very few trademark owners will have the means, or even the necessity, to protect their trademarks in every single jurisdiction, our Consultants will be able to analyze our clients’ markets of interest, present and future plans, and budget, in order to offer them recommendations and strategies to best protect their interests.

The map below does not show the exact location of iGerent. Please contact them directly to ask for their location.