Hi, I’m Eliza. Vinyasa yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Health Counselor, mother of Leo and former journalist.
In everything I do – teaching, moving, writing, parenting, eating, living – I try to live as close to nature’s rhythms as I can.


Because yoga & Ayurveda taught me how easy, refreshing & healthy life gets when you tune into nature.

And I love for you to experience the same!

That’s why my blog is full of wisdom on how to live your most natural life and that’s why I LOVE working with clients in their Body Alignment Sessions so that they experience vibrant health with easy recipes, simple yoga practices and daily rituals.

My weekly yoga classes in Madrid & yoga videos on YouTube follow the seasons & mood of the moment of the day and my annual Yoga Holiday is on my favourite mountain in Italy.

When I’m not teaching, mentoring new yoga teachers or seeing clients for their Body Alignment Session, I’m either hanging out with my boy Leo, having a picnic in the park, watching Friends on Netflix or am doing push ups with my husband Dani.

Our prices are online for groups, private groups and one-on-one classes.


C/ San Lorenzo 20, Metro Tribunal / Alonso Martinez