English Speaking Doula in Madrid

Mommyhood Support during Pregnancy, Labour and After Childbirth


I am Ana and I have been working as a doula for 6 years. I decided to become one after the birth of my first child, which is when I realised how important it was to be well informed, supported and encouraged by someone who is non-judgmental and who empathizes with what a new mother is going through.

As a doula, I offer you continuous physical, emotional and informational support if you are pregnant, live in Madrid and speak English. My aim is that you feel taken care of, safe and understood while going through the experience of becoming a mum in a foreign country, away from your family and having to speak in another language.

I will provide you with all the information you might need regarding local practices and available choices so that you can make informed decisions.

I will act as a translator and cultural mediator to ensure the best possible communication with the medical staff.

I am also a lactation consult and and I can support you with breastfeeding.

As I will be there to support you as a family, your partner should not be concerned about me taking his place or making his role redundant. Every family is different and I try to adapt my service to your home situation so that you get the most satisfactory and rewarding experience possible.

If you want more info you can have a look at my website www.givingbirth.es or call me at 669510069.