We are Hair Craft

For those who find pleasure in the art-side of life.
For those who choose to indulge in craft in their everyday lives.
For those who make the world a little bit more artful every day.
This is our ode to you.
We are born from passion, breathe inspiration, and live devoted to crafting a little bit more light, each and every day, into our lives.

Culto is hair craft.



After more than 10 years tanning in salons like Sally Hershberger LA & NYC, Christina came to Madrid for what was going to be 6 months, and ended up in Culto.



Borja has dedicated his life to the hairdressing business. He spent one year surfing and riding a motorcycle and when he returned, he decided he wanted to build something new, something special, something that was more that only a hairdresser. He saw the opportunity to make it happen with Christina.



Calle de Rosario Pino 8, Madrid 28020