English Speaking Chiropractor in Madrid


Our Madrid Chiropractor, Dr Ben, works by using specialist techniques and technology to assess the nervous system, joints, spine and muscles within the body. Through specific adjustments we then work by realigning the joints of the spine and removing pressure on the nervous system. Then with proper alignment restored you start feeling a HUGE DIFFERENCE!


Safe, Effective, Gentle Healthcare

Where The Best Of Modern Technology Meets Clinical Expertise And Passion, We Are Dedicated To Helping You Achieve The Best Results Possible. We Commonly See Patients With:

Lower Back Pain
Colic In Babies
Pregnancy Pain
Neck Pain
Whiplash Injuries
Joint Pain
Arthritis Pain
Pain In The Hips And Buttocks
Numbness In Hands And Arms
Sports Injuries
Numbness Or Pain In Legs
Pain Between The Shoulder Blades
Disc Problems


Calle O'Donnell 27, Bajo derecha 28009 Madrid