Arturo Soria and La Moraleja


Brains International Schools is a group of international schools formed by four private bilingual schools. We offer our students an excellent education where we combine multilingual teaching, new methodologies and technologies applied to learning, daily sporting activities and training in values which are the fundamental pillars of our educational project.



Brains Schools focus on including the maximum advancements that technology can provide in the classrooms and in curricular and extra-curricular education at our centres. Discover the Pedagogical Innovation Projects where our students strengthen the skills and knowledge of digital natives.


Unique Academic Education

The excellence of our curriculum makes us stand out. To bring our students closer to their vocation and to strengthen the specific skills that they will need in their professional development, we created the Brains School Masters. This is a pioneer educational proposal that brings the university to school, adapting the best postgraduate programs to the needs of our Secondary and Bachillerato students.


Education of Values and Emotional and Social Skills

The principal objective of Brains Schools is to educate the future generations as responsible, charitable and autonomous individuals with a capacity for effort and respect. Our Brains Value programme is specially developed by the Psychopedagogical Guidance Department to strengthen the ability of our students to be happy.



Sporting activities are a fundamental pillar of life at Brains Schools. From five to sixteen years of age, we incorporate a daily period of sporting activity with the objective of making physical education a value to maintain and care for over a lifetime. Our students also benefit from a wide range of extracurricular sport activities in order to continue improving their favourite sport.


Brains School María Lombillo

From 5 to 16 years of age

Brains School María Lombillo is an international multilingual school in Arturo Soria from 5 years of age. Our students follow the International Curriculum. Our students receive a multilingual education, using English and Spanish with the same ease, as well as a high level of proficiency in French and German.

Arturo Soria – María Lombillo 5  – 28027 Madrid

Call us  (+34) 917 42 10 60


Private Bilingual Schools in La Moraleja

Our college is an international school in La Moraleja for students aged between 1 and 18. In the infant school we follow an international methodology with a focus on language competences (English, French and German), sports and new technologies.

In our Primary and Secondary schools, linguistic competence and strong communication skills are among the many aspects of our syllabus which are promoted in every learning area. As such, our students are well prepared both globally and glocally to confidently engage with the world.

As an IB world school, we offer our students the possibility to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme entirely in English.

La Moraleja – Alcobendas – C/ Salvia, 48 – 28109 Madrid

Call us – +34 91 650 43 00


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