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Yoga Burn Zumba
Challenging, fun, achievable, transformative, and often silly.


BURN is a uniquely Artio class. It is the ultimate mat toning class. Taking elements of Pilates, Barre, Yoga and a bit of HIIT. This class is designed to tone and shape your body into the rock hard glory of your fitness dreams. Music is at the center of this class and the playlist is constantly changing things up giving you the motivation to push that body to reach the ultimate BURN.

Ballet BURN– This class allows you to reminisce about your pink tight and black leotard days. Or if you never took ballet as a kid it will give you the chance to act like the prima ballerina you have always wanted to be. Still routed in fitness this class combines, ballet, barre and of course some really good music! (Classes: Coming soon)

Artio FIRE– Power Yoga Based Class that will get your muscles lit up and ready to work. These classes focus on activating and engaging the muscles with the breath, adding in vinyasa elements with some strongholds this class will culminate in a power pose to work on your strength balance and flexibility.

Artio EARTH-Super slow hatha base, with yin elements. This class is designed to ground you, give you a deep stretch and allow you to reconnect with your body. The most mindful of practices, this class works on clearing the mind and flushing out toxins in the body.

Artio ELEMENTS– Hatha based classes that focus on strengthening and lengthening the body. While still challenging these classes will focus on personal growth and exploration. Meditative and sure to leave you walking away feeling refreshed and restored, Artio Yoga is the perfect class to add balance your life.

Zumba(MÁS) by Artio is a little different from your basic Zumba class.

The class takes the outline your Zumba class and adds more hot tracks to get you moving, more toning elements to get you looking and feeling your best, more diverse choreography and more energy than you could possibly imagine.This class is full of energy and fun, and will leave you walking away with a full workout and a smile.
This is not your standard Zumba class it is Zumba(MÁS) and it’s going to be one fun workout!