Civitella XXV #9: Civitellian Poets at the Unamuno Author Festival

Madrid´s First Anglophone Poetry Festival

To register your place for this event, visit – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/civitella-xxv-9-civitellian-poets-at-the-unamuno-author-festival-tickets-53410602550

Civitella alumni make up a large and vibrant contingent of the 50+ poets and scholars headed to Madrid for the city’s first English-language poetry festival, hosted by the Desperate Literature Bookshop and the Unamuno Author Series (founded by Spencer Reece (CRF 2016)). Meet us in Madrid for a celebration of Civitella within the Unamuno Author Festival, with readings and presentations by these Civitellians:

Peg Boyers (CRF 2004)

Jericho Brown (CRF 2015)

Mercedes Cebrian (CRF 2009)

Juan Cruz (Director’s Guest, 2015)

Michael Dumanis (CRF 2009)

Monica Ferrell (CRF 2011)

Carolyn Forché (CRF 2012)

Aracelis Girmay (CRF 2013)

Rigoberto Gonzalez (CRF 2013)

Tom Healy (Director’s Guest, 2013)

John Koethe (Director’s Guest, 2010)

Ann Kjellberg (Director’s Guest, 2016)

Javier Montes (CRF 2018)

Spencer Reece (CRF 2016)

Patricia Smith (CRF 2017)

Anne Waldman (CRF 2001)

Mark Wunderlich (CRF 2014)

Monica Youn (CRF 2013)


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