Galicia – Hiking, Wine and Hot Springs



A great plan for a 5-day long weekend. A walk through one of the most undiscovered and out of the beaten path areas of Spain: The vineyards (which will be on plain harvest), canyons and landscapes of the beautiful Ribeira Sacra (Galicia). Wine country , lush forests and medieval heritage.


Awesome hiking, the best food & wine and hot natural pools to top it off!


PRICE 360€. To book your place or to see the full details, visit:



  • Lodging 4 nights
  • Trip Leader
  • All activities
  • Private boat along the river
  • Lunch 2 days
  • Dinner 2 nights
  • Insurances (liability and accident)

(Transports will be paid individually because price depends on the moment each person buys it)

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