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5 Style and Beauty Essentials for New Moms

5 Style and Beauty Essentials for New Moms

When we become a mom, dressing well can make you feel good and gives you confidence, a positive self-image and esteem. Caring for yourself is just as important as caring for your little ones.


1) Understand your Body Shape

After giving birth, we all have weight gain issues and always like to hide the mum-tums. A lot of new moms wear baggy and badly-fitting clothes, but those clothes will just add pounds. Instead, you should pick a top that flatters your new-mom figure. It’s important to understand your body shape when choosing outfits. The tip for hiding the mum-tum is to emphasise the shoulders and keep the focus on the neckline and the face and away from the stomach area. For example, wear a top with embellishments around the bust and shoulders,  or wear off the shoulder, boat-neck tops, wide V or U necks can work well.  Patterns are also a good idea for moving away from the attention of any imperfect bits of our body.


2) Knowing your Colours

There are thousands of shades and colours available. Some will make you look radiant, while others will make you look unhealthy and tired, Wearing the right colour near your face and wearing the right shades of make-up will make you look younger, healthier and even slimmer.

We need to understand our hair, eyes and skin colour to find the balance and harmony between bodies and clothes. For example, black does not necessarily make you look slimmer. It will only work better when your overall look is dark. e.g. you have dark hair, dark eyes, and skin tone from porcelain through to deep brown. If you don’t have dark colour feature, many other colours can also make you look slimmer – navy, brown, pine, purple and charcoal.

However, if you have blonde hair or very light hair, pale blue, grey or light green eyes, and porcelain skin tone, then the most suitable colour to wear is the light or medium-depth colour near your face.



3) Accessories

Accessories add personality and polish to your outfit. It can help you look slimmer and give the finishing touch of your outfit.

If your children are under three years old, better to wear studs, small hooks or any styles are close to your skin. Alternatively, try to avoid wearing jewellery, instead wear gauze, silk or cotton scarves, choose longer styles that end at the top of your thigh; this will hide your stomach.

If you have older children, I recommend wearing long necklaces either beaded or chains with pendants which end at your cleavage or lower because it creates an elongating illusion of your body, making you look slimmer.

Another key point to remember that is when you are petite, keep your accessories on a smaller scale because it will enhance your outfit and stay away from seeing a distraction. When you are tall or have a large body frame, you can go bold with the size of your accessories to reflect your style and personality.



4) A Good Hair Day

For the new moms, treat yourself to have a good haircut that flatters you and looks fantastic. It will help you to increase your confidence, look more attractive and look less tired.  I recommend finding a good hairdresser to trim your hair regularly between 6 weeks to 3 months to maintain a healthy condition.

If you don’t have time to wash your hair, buy a dry shampoo, spray the product from root to mid-end to absorb oil and odour or you can also use baby powder at the roots and comb it through. If your hair still looks dirty, the only solution is to wash it!

Another tip for new moms who have grey hair. If you don’t have time to dye it, you can buy a hair mascara which gives you an instant fix. Just like the ones for your eyelashes, the hair mascara is designed to brush out each strand and pigment it with your preferred shade. Choose the one is lightweight, does not make your hair sticky and washes out easily.



5) Time-Saving Beauty Routine

Taking care of your skin before going to bed is essential. New Mom always looks exhausted, and you have very little time to pamper your skin or go to have a facial treatment. If this is the case,  I suggest you invest more money to buy some good quality night cream and serum rather then spend too much money on the day cream. The reason is that when you sleep, your skin is able to absorb products more efficiently.

Another great tip is no matter how busy you are, when you go outside, you must protect your skin from the sun damage by using SPF cream.  Using a tinted moisturiser with SPF for coverage, protection, and moisture will save you time because you´re essentially using two products in one.

In my opinion, the most important thing is to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out. You should make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day.


Being a new mom to feel good about yourself is not a frivolous luxury. It’s an absolute necessity that will give you the energy and enthusiasm to keep up on the day.



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About Edith

Edith Chan has lived in Hong Kong, London and New York and currently based in Madrid. She is an International Stylist, Image Consultant and Shopper, and knows about helping women feel fantastic by creating unique and signature styles.

She has over 15 years of experience working with designer brands and fashion shows such as D&G, Calvin Klein, DVF, etc. and worked in Madrid, London & Hong Kong Fashion Weeks.

Recently, she was interviewed by the Spanish TV channel “Telecinco” about the importance of the “Personal Branding” and was also interviewed by the World TV Channel in the Madrid Fashion Week.

Her editorials were published on PhotoVogue Italia, Vanity Fair, Harper Bazaar, GQ, magazines etc. Working from shop windows to private clients, to celebrities, she has dressed a very long list of wonderful clients.


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