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269 clicks at 16 cent per click – Facebook Campaign

269 clicks at 16 cent per click – Facebook Campaign

I´ve been working in digital marketing for 15 years and in all that time, I never had my own website. That´s why I set up Scoop Madrid. I wanted to try to create a decent website and to freely try all the things in SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, organic social media, Facebook groups, email marketing etc, that I sometimes couldn´t do on my client´s websites.

I want to give away my Facebook campaign that ran in January 2019. The results of this campaign were:


  • Impressions: 13,727
  • Reach: 10,560
  • Clicks: 269
  • Cost: €43.81
  • Cost per click: €0.16


Facebook can be very expensive but this campaign worked out at just 16 cent per click and brought me 269 clicks…valid clicks from people, not robots. To check valid clicks, I look at the bounce rate of the campaign in Google Analytics but I´ll go through this later on as well.

If your target audience is English speaking and in Madrid, this campaign is for you. If that´s not your target audience, some of this might be useful anyway.

This all goes through the Facebook Ads Campaign Manager. Once you click on Create Ads, select Traffic, click continue and then follow the steps below.

P.S. You need a Facebook page to run ads.

On to the good stuff 🙂



Very simple. I´m choosing to send my traffic to my website. Enough said.


Budget & Schedule:

I always choose Lifetime schedule when I run Facebook Ads. In my mind, I have a fixed total budget that I want to spend and I prefer to work like that. I select Lifetime budget and change the dates. If the budget is too large for your dates, a little red icon will appear next to the lifetime budget. Facebook is telling you to spend more for the dates you selected. Since I have a fixed budget, when this red icon appears, I reduce the end date until the icon disappears.

In my experience, Facebook ads have a limited life. For my clients (and for myself), I run the original ads for 3 to 4 days maximum. After that, I usually change the image or change the text a little to make it fresher and to keep it attractive for people on Facebook.



A very important, if not THE most important part of Facebook ads. Your target audience. I wanted to reach all English speakers between the ages of 25 to 50 in Madrid which is a very general ad, but you can go a lot deeper with targeting in Facebook ads. This is the part that I really love about Facebook ads – the way you can target exactly who you need to reach.




In this section, I want my ads to appear in the Newsfeed and only there. For example, no one really looks at the right column, Instagram is not my target audience since it´s mostly younger people in Madrid who are probably just here for a short visit. Everyone sees the Newsfeed when they log in and this is where I want to be.

Here, I´ve chosen all devices. When I first started the campaign, I chose desktop only. The reason was that, in my experience, a lot of bot clicks (invalid clicks from robots, not people) always seem to come through when you allow your ads to appear on Mobile Devices.

The problem was, when I showed my ad on Desktop only, my impressions were very low and I knew from Google Analytics that a huge percentage of my audience was on mobile phones. So I changed the settings to show my ad on All Devices, but I monitored the bounce rate on Google Analytics at the same time.

In a simple nutshell, bounce rate is when people land on your website and leave without going to another page, clicking or interacting with the page in any way. It´s a bit misleading because someone could land on your website, look at the page for 28 mins and leave the website. That would be considered as a bounce rate of 100% but really, the person had been on your website and reading for a long time.

To check your bounce rate in Google Analytics, go to All Traffic – Channels and then in the middle of the screen, you can see the bounce rate for each channel, like Organic, Direct, Referrals etc.

For robot clicks on ads though, bounce rate is usually 100%…for all of the clicks.

My bounce rate on Desktop was 40%, which is good considering the type of website I have. When I switched to All Devices, the bounce rate stayed almost the same, I could see the people were viewing more than one page  so I had a good idea that the mobile clicks were valid and were from actual people.


Optimisation & Delivery:

Lately, Facebook has been pushing Landing Page Views. I´ve had good results with landing page views and, first, I chose this one for my campaign. I changed it to Link Clicks because with landing page views, I was paying per impression. The number of impressions was increasing in this campaign, but without any clicks. My cost per landing page view was also steadily increasing. In other words, I was paying more but there were no clicks. It was just a 4 day campaign so I wanted to act fast.

I switched to Link Clicks to have a little more control over what I was paying for. But all of the time I kept an eye on my bounce rate in Google Analytics.

I changed “When you are charged” to Link Clicks and set my bid cap at €1.50. I had a good idea that I wouldn´t be charged that much per link click anyway based on experience.


Onto the next Phase: Setting up the ad itself.


This is why you need a Facebook page for this type of campaign. Select your Facebook page and that´s it. An easy one.

The next step is to upload your image, carousel, video etc. I just want one single image because it works for what I need for this campaign. Choose an image or video that´s visually stunning. The first time I saw the image that I used, I actually stopped scrolling and looked at it. That´s why I chose it. People in general are visual and you need something that will stop people from their endless scrolling in Facebook.



Link Type: I want to send people to my website and not to an event.

Text: This is the main part of the ad. I can´t really tell you what to write here. Write something that´s appealing to your target audience. What drives them, what do they want to learn about, what is missing from their lives. The more you know about your target audience, the more you can create specific marketing messages that will make them click on the ad.

In my ad, I have FOMO (fear of missing out) with “don´t miss…” and then, since I´m running a campaign to drive brand awareness, I state very clearly what my website is about. People don´t read ads, they just scan quickly, so I write short sentences with all of the key selling points.




Usually, I use the “Learn More” call to action. It´s a very general “catch all” call to action that works well.

An important part of the campaign is Tracking. This will allow you to track all of your ad´s performance in Google Analytics so that you can see bounce rate, the pages people looked at, the number of actual people who landed on your website, see if the clicks are valid or from robots etc.

I´m using the source and medium parameters because I want to track the campaign performance in Google Analytics in Acquisition – All Traffic – Source/Medium. In Google Analytics, the tracking above appears like this:

In any online campaign, tracking and measuring is really, really important so don´t forget to look at Google Analytics. You´re spending money on all of this, so you have to know exactly what´s happening with your budget.

And that´s it! Click on Publish and your ad goes live after the review.

Don´t forget to leave a comment.


This ad worked well for me in January 2019. Facebook changes all the time though so if you use these campaign settings, make sure you track and monitor the campaign for as long as it runs.





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